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Website Launch

11.11.2016 – Long Jump World Record Holder Mike Powell is proud to announce the launch of his official website, as well as a Twitter account (link) and Facebook page (link), all to be able to keep fans updated on what is going on in his life.

Mike is available for a wide variety of opportunities – motivational speaking and corporate appearances have been very popular in the past, as audiences love to hear Mike speak about his ascent to become the best long jumper in history, and learn what it takes to become the best and continuously achieve at the top of your potential.

Powell is also available to do autograph signings, corporate endorsements and advertisements (print, TV, and radio) as well as making use of his new social media accounts to advertise your products to his large fan base.

Mike is also available to tell his story in book- or TV form, and has previously shows to be an excellent presenter and story teller. For the right athlete, Mike is also available to provide mentoring and coaching, whether in the short term to do some “tune up” work before a big competition, or long term to help promising athletes reach their goal of becoming a world champion.

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