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Printed Ads & Commercials

Using a celebrity to advertise your product can under the right circumstances help sales skyrocket. The “authenticity” of the match between a brand and a celebrity is key to this equation – there has to be some relevance to what the brand is doing, but if that can be achieved, consumers are likely to identify even stronger with the brand.


Many times, using a well-recognized celebrity in an advertising campaign will further help to breed familiarity with the brand, as it is now associated with a household name.

Licensing & Endorsements

Consumers identify with the brands that they like, and having a popular celebrity put their name on a product can further build its popularity. Who can forget about Nike’s use of Michael Jordan, the George Foreman Grill, and hundreds of others of celebrity branded products that have successfully launched?


Mike is available for a wide number of opportunities, and have had a lot of experience working with both large and small brands in the past.

Coaching & Mentoring

For the talented athlete, Mike is available for mentoring and coaching. Having been at the absolute top of his sport, Mike knows what it takes to become the best in the world, and will be able to work with you and provide you with insights into the mental aspect of the sport, which is imperative if you want to have sustained success.

Motivational Speaking

Mike is a very popular guest on the after dinner speaking circuit, as well as a frequent and entertaining corporate guest speaker. A naturally talented presenter who loves to entertain while also making the audience think, Mike is sure to woo any audience with his tales of the road to the top, overcoming roadblocks, his life after the career as one of the world finest athletes ended, and the epic battle with Carl Lewis when Mike jumped 8.95.


Many of the lessons Mike learned on his way to become a professional long jumper and one of the finest athletes of his generation are applicable in everyday life – dealing with setbacks and adversity, goal setting, determination, and the relentless pursuit at being the best – at whatever it is you want to do.

Book and TV deals

Mike’s amazing story could be presented very well both in book form, as well as a documentary style TV show. The battle with Carl Lewis when the World Record was set in 1991 has never before been told “from the inside” and that’s a story that deserves to be chronicled.


Mike is also available as a commentator and expert, and has been working on national TV many times in the past (NBC) covering their large, international track & field events.

Corporate Appearances/Tradeshows

Having a well recognized celebrity appear to meet your staff or represent your company at a trade show will leave a lasting impression with your staff as well as your customers. Having someone like Mike show up to help motivate your staff while telling his story in an engaging way is a great way to help drive them further – after all, who better to teach “how to win” than a world champion?

Autograph Signings

Mike is available to do signings of various memorabilia items, and is available to attend related industry events. For special autograph requests, please feel free to contact us.

Social Media Marketing

Powell has recently employed a social media team that ensures that he maximizes his following, while also making sure all posts are relevant and engaging. Building a large following is one part of the equation when it comes to social media marketing, but the relevance of the followers, as well as their engagement is oftentimes more relevant. Mike is available to do sponsored tweets and posts across various social media platforms, and is also able to collaborate with other celebrities and influencers.